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Loyalty Program

The loyalty program is designed for customers of the online store, and is based on a bonus sale, where customers are awarded points for purchased goods.

The Loyalty Program Organizer is Anmar Sp. z o.o. Ul. Załęska 98. 35-322 Rzeszów.

Enough to participate in the Loyalty Program is to register and make purchases in the online store. Users who have individually agreed discounts can choose whether to join the program and lose the discounts or stay on the existing discount policy.

Participant of the loyalty program receives 4 point for every 100 EU spent in the online store. Points are calculated from the rounded to the nearest total value of the goods minus any discounts. Points earned once will not be received.

The Organizer may exclude certain products from the loyalty program promotion.

The Organizer may increase or decrease the number of points earned for the purchase of certain products.

Points earned in the loyalty program are exchanged for a discount on the order: 4 point = 1% discount (as a permanent discount voucher) to use for the account.

Points can only be used for thermoactive shopping. Points can not be exchanged for cash.

Points earned in the loyalty program will not be valid for subsequent purchases.

The maximum number of points you can earn in a program is 12 points = 12%.

The participant can check the currently collected amount of points by logging on the website, tab "Profile".

For the current order, you can not get a rebate from your loyalty points if you have previously used a discount voucher. Likewise, once you have exchanged your loyalty points, you can no longer benefit from the rebate voucher.

The user has all the rights resulting from the generally applicable law, in particular the rights resulting from the provisions on the protection of personal data (eg viewing / editing / deleting his / her personal data from the database). This is described in detail in the store rules, which are an integral part of these policies.

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